Between Presence and Absence

Solo show, Galerie Marzee 2023, exploring the intangible nature of reflection, the history of mirrors and the narratives and myth that surround them as objects.

Between Presence and Absence

Reflective objects mirror the world around us, showing an image that can look at once familiar and at the same time strange. They invite the viewer to become part of the object, to watch their identity morph and distort as they move around it.

Reflection has an ethereal and intangible nature. It escapes touch or any other senses, except vision. It captures only a fleeting moment. A mirror portrays both fullness and emptiness at the same time.

Throughout history, mirrors were associated with myth and superstition, which is a connecting thread that binds us to our ancestors. They are haunting objects in their honesty and often show us something that we would otherwise not be able to see.

As an echo of changing time and reality, a mirror reflects a space in between, potentially holding not just what is there, but what might be or has been.

Through a Metal, Darkly

Speculum metal is an alloy of copper and tin, historically used for mirrors due to its high reflectivity properties. Speculum, unlike other metals, is surprisingly brittle and shatters like glass under a blow of a hammer.

Each mirror offers a different visual experience, they magnify, blur, obscure or distort.

Pooled Reflections invite the viewer to contemplate and immerse themselves in the captured environment contained in the object.

Mirrors of Time, bronze

0 days, 100 days, 200 days buried in the earth

Balancing Mirror, fine silver and stainless steel