Whispering Vessels

Each double-layered vessel contains substance like sand or tiny gemstones, which move freely inside but cannot be emptied. The content is visible from the opening and can be felt as the vessel is moved, producing sound and creating illusive patterns.


The sound in this video was created with the five vessels filmed.

Video: Ben Pollard Big Hair Films

Encircling Vessel, Britannia silver, hand scribed finish, contains 1,000 1mm steel balls

Slanted Red Sand Vessel, 2017

Red Sand Bowls, Britannia silver and red sand

Photo: Sussie Ahlburg

Hold Out Your Hands, Rose gold plated gilding metal and freshwater pearls

Photo: Odi Caspi

Blushed Whispering Vessel

Photo: Sylvain Deleu

Vivid Whispering Vessel, loose moonstones

Photo: Nicola Tree

Pebble Bowl, silver and loose sand

Photo: Simon Armitt

Spice Holder, gold plated silver and clove. The Jewish Museum New York

Photo: Sussie Ahlburg