Vessels On Stilts

Can inanimate objects become sentient? Vessels on Stilts are inspired by museum displays of historic amphorae on tripod stands. They respond to vibrations and sound and offer an unexpected dialogue, provoking contemplation about the relationship between people and objects. The vessels pick up cues from the viewer, tremble and quiver in response to human movement or voice.

Talk To Me installation was commissioned by the Crafts Council, in support of The British Council for the UK pavilion Form+Motion at Cheongju Craft Biennale 2017, South Korea. Through this installation, I was trying to provoke contemplation about the potential relationships formed with objects around us.

The project suggests a playful interpretation of museum displays, an experience that contrasts the traditionally hushed, somewhat reserved gallery environment. The audience were invited not to merely view the work, but to speak to it and explore how voice translates to gentle motion. Talk To Me is part of an ongoing project exploring the correspondence between the spectator and the object through interaction in movement and sound.  

Created in collaboration with musician and sound specialist Moshi Honen. It is operated by tinkered electronics and instruments – light and easy to transport.


Receptive Vessels, Collect Art Fair – represented by Contemporary Applied Arts Gallery, The Saatchi Gallery, London 2017

The installation that respond to human voice suggests an experience that is an antidote to the traditionally hushed gallery environment. The viewers are encouraged to speak in order to trigger the vessels’ reaction through gentle movement and to explore how voice translates into motion.

created in collaboration with sound specialists: John Henry’s Ltd – operated solely by analogue audio equipment

Film by Will Hazell, Big Hair Films

Vessels on Stilts spontaneous quiver triggered by vibrations coming from the floor as people pass by

Video: Yuval Toch

Soft Vessels on Stilts

Exhibited at Silver Speaks, a year long exhibition at the V&A, curated by Corinne Julius for CBS


Golden Vessel on Stilt

Photo: Sylvain Deleu

Golden Vessels on Stilts, Sarah Myerscough Galley, PAD 2019

Photo: Sylvain Deleu