“As an artist, vessels and containers offer an innate method of communication for me, conveying a multiplicity of narratives including gathering, holding or carrying. The internal space of an empty vessel contains everything or nothing, depending on our perception. Not only do vessels form part of our lives, they also shape our perception of the basic division between inside and outside, the notion of moving from one framed space into another. Furthermore, our bodily experience relates to containment as it frames and protects us.

Vessels have been made and used across cultures since prehistoric times – for feeding, storing, or as ritual objects and symbols of power. We can learn through them about the past and about developments in material culture. Growing from these historic and symbolic narratives, my creative process explores the morphological qualities of vessels and the life of objects.

Working through metal, I apply both traditional silversmithing techniques and an experimental approach, with particular interest and attention to surface treatments. I investigate an embodied experience that engages the viewer through sensorial interaction, and often employ the metal’s conductive, sonic and reflective qualities.”

Adi Toch was awarded a research MA with Distinction in Art, Design & Visual Culture from The Cass, London Metropolitan University in 2009, following her BA with First Class Honours from Bezalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem. Her work is exhibited internationally and has won prestigious awards including a Gold Award from The Goldsmiths’ Craft and Design Council UK. In 2017 she was a finalist of The Loewe Craft Prize and won a Wallpaper* Design Award. In 2018 she won the European Prize for Applied Arts. Public collections include The V&A Museum, Museum of London, The Crafts Council UK, The Goldsmiths’ Company, Fitzwilliam Museum Cambridge, National Museums Scotland, National Museum of Wales, Ulster Museum Belfast and The Jewish Museum New York. In 2021 she was the recipient of an important commission by the V&A Gilbert Trust to create a response to the restitution of an historic gold ewer from The Gilbert Collection to Turkey. Her artwork Place to Place is on permanent display at The Gilbert Galleries, V&A Museum, London. Adi is currently a lecturer at The Royal College of Art and a visiting lecturer at Bezalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem. She speaks regularly at conferences in the UK and internationally.

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