Patinated objects

Patina is a surface layer created by a chemical reaction. The unique skin of the following objects is achieved through experimental technique of metal colouring – each piece has it’s own distinctive vivid lustre which cannot be repeated. This serendipitous procedure contrasts the meticulous process of constructing the objects.

Dusk Bowls, 2017

Colourful Volume, acquired in June 2016 by Victoria and Albert Museum in London for the permanent silver collection

Reflection Bowl, 1/4 made. 4/4 is in the permanent collection of Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge

Wide Open explores the shape of the bowl and a different visual language for silver with colourful patina. Made from two parts joined together, the top is funnelled inside and through the bowl shape leaving an aperture while creating a foot on which the piece leans on. This work is on permanent display at The National Museum of Wales, Cardiff.

Matmon square top vessel