Echoes of Process

Echoes of Process exhibited at CAA Gallery in 2018 invited reflection on the often – overlooked or discarded traces of making. Aspects of actions were carefully recorded through collections of reconsidered fragments, containing remnants of objects or materials. Five installations accompanied by soundscapes from the workshop, examined the role of memory, which is both held in the materials themselves as well as in the recollection of the process towards a finished piece. The story of making told through what is left behind.



Tightened around a piece in preparation for soldering, each binding wire echoes the form of a vessel I once made. Each silhouette is a ghost vessel.

Precious Disposables

Vinyl gloves coated with a fine layer of metal

Photo: Nicola Tree

Frame is an off-cut of a piece that was hammered from a flat sheet. It holds the DNA of the piece that was removed. It is a visual reminder of the intensity of the process and the movement of the metal.

Heavy Paper

Used emery paper, mixed metals


off-cuts edges from 103 vessels