Material Dialogues: Metal and Glass

The following work is made in collaboration with glass maker Edmond Byrne. We explore the dialogue created when substances and forms merge through joint working method and unique process that we have developed. We investigate ways in which the materials react, move, fuse, stain and mirror, creating a new visual language of textures, colours and forms.

Ripple Bowl, copper and clear glass, V&A Museum Metalwork Collection

Clear molten glass was poured into a copper hemisphere and then pressed, whilst hot, with a metalsmithing tool, similar to the tool used to shape the copper bowl. This process freezes a moment in time as it triggered a palette of textures and patinas in both materials.

Silver Ripple Bowl, Britannia silver and clear glass, Ulster Museum, Belfast

Lens Pair, silver and clear glass. Provoked by an ongoing look at making lenses we created a series of lens pieces offering different visual experiences. The crackling of the glass was imprinted into the silver ring whilst silver has leached to the glass to trigger a dichroic effect.

Moon Jar, copper and clear glass

Photo: Agata Pec